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Kabli Pulao 12.99
Another traditional Afghani dish, the Kabli Pulao consists of rice with rasins and shredded carrots scattered all over the entree. Atop this authentic afghani rice, there is our famous Foot Long Beef Shish Kabob. If its your first time here at Khyber Halal this is definately a dish that you should try. Also this entree is served with a side of salad and chatni sauce.
Uzbak Pulao 13.99
Yet another traditional Afghani Dish,The Uzbak Pulao features our Afghani rice, which consists of raisins, and shredded carrots.Atop all of this, there is a perfectly cooked, moist and extremly delicious Lamb kabob. This dish is served with a side of salad and some Chatni Sauce.
Mantoo(1 doz) 10.99
One of the most authentic and traditional Afghani dishe,the Mantoo is an entree that can not be overlooked. Currently Featured in Phoenix Magazine, the Mantoo consists of minced meat(ground beef) and oninons all wrapped in our special dough .Next after it is cooked, the Mantoo is topped off with two different types of sauce. A meat sauce as well as a yogurt sauce that adds even more flavor to this already delightful dish. Price per dozen.
Bolanee/Aloo Paratha 9.99
Consisting of dough, mashed potatoes and other herbs, this meal brings to life a popular Afghani dish. Compareable to an omlet, the bolanee is flat bread stuffed with mashed potatoes and other herbs and ingredients. Looking for something different or something you have never tried before, try the Bolanee becasue surely there is nothing like it anywhere in the Valley.
Sabzi 7.49
Another Traditional Afghani dish, the sabzi is simply spinach that is cooked to perfection along with some other ingredients. This dish is perfect for vegetarians looking for a meal and also this dish is served with our freshly made Tandoori Naan(bread).
Gulpi 7.49
This specific dish is perfect for Veggie lovers. Consisting of Cauliflower, this dish is cooked and mixed in with seasonings and other spices to give it a filling and enjoyable taste and at the same time be healthy enough for our customers. Are you a vegetarian? Then this is the dish you need to try here at Khyber Halal.
Bandajan(Eggplant) 7.49
Bamya 7.49
One of the more delightful Afghan Vegetarian Dishes here at Khyber Halal, the Bamya is simply Okra. Mixed with other ingredients to give it a more enjoyable taste .The Bamya is a dish that ALL Veggie Lovers Must try. This dish is served with our Freshly Made Tandoori Naan(bread).