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Hummas (With Pita or Naan 4.49
If you ever find yourself Hungry, too hungry to wait for the meal, then try the Hummas.Another Giant within the Appetizer Category, our Hummas here at Khyber Halal is truly Delightful. Also this appetizer is topped off with Olives to add more flavor as well as character.
Shami Kabobs( Potato, Beef, Chicken) 2.49 a piece
Samosas ( Veggie, Beef, Chicken) 0.99 a piece
Want a quick snack to enjoy while you wait for your food, then you must try our Beef Sambosas. Coming in a triangular shape, the beef sambosa has the same concept as an egg roll. Inside this appetizer you will find ground beef mixed with some other ingredients. All of this comes together to give it an enjoyable taste. Also this appetizer comes in Chicken and Veggie as well.