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Beef Nihari Half- 7.99 Full- 11.99
Chicken Karahi Half - 8.99 Full - 12.99
One of the more popular curry dishes here at Khyber Halal, the Karahi is good for those who enjoy a dish with a unique taste. This entree consists of a numerous amount of chicken(bone-in) pieces that are mixed together with various vegtables such as tomates etc. All of these herbs and spices come together to give the customers a unique and everlasting taste. This entree is served with our freshly made Tandoori Naan(bread). The customers have the choice of having this dish in a half or a full serving size.
Chicken Handi 10.99
Another giant within the curry portion of our menu, the Handi consists of small boneless pieces of chicken that are marinated in herbs and other seasonings. To top it all off, it is served with a side of Naan(bread). You could not go wrong ordering this dish at Khyber Halal.
Chicken Tikka Masala 10.99
A prominant curry dish here at Khyber Halal, the Chicken Tikka Masala consists of bonless pieces of chicken all served in its own curry. with this dish the Customer has a choice to make it mild,hot,or spicy. It is served with our freshly made Naan(bread).
Goat Karahi 13.99