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Beef Shish 9.99
Want to enjoy a nice dinner with two of your friends. Come to Khyber Halal where you can have four different types of kabobs all placed over a bed of rice all for UNDER $20. In this specific dish, you have a choice of up to four different types of kabobs. Normally featured in this dish is a Beef Shish, Chicken Boti, Chicken Mali Boti, and a Lamb Kabob, however if you would prefer a different combination we can mix it up for you. All the kabobs are grilled to perfection and served fresh to the customer.Below you will see two different mixed platter combinations.
Chapli Kabob 11.99
The chapli kabob consists of two patties made from well seasoned ground beef. After it has finished cooking, it is then served with the customers choice of rice or our feshly made Tandoori Naan(bread).
Chicken Boti 9.99
The Chicken Boti consists of six to seven pieces of boneless chicken marinated in spices and seasonings to give the customers a Kabob that not only melts in your mouth, but also has a bit of kick(spice) to it.This dish is highly recommended for those who are looking for a grilled item that offers multiple levels of spices.This entree is served either with the customers choice of plain brown rice or freshly made Tandoori Naan(bread).
Chicken Mali Boti 9.99
Are you someone who loves boneless chicken that is perfectly gilled, and marinated in light seasonings. Than this is the kabob for you. Consisting of six to seven boneless pieces of chicken, the Mali Boti, is highly recommended for those who do not like spices what so ever. This specific kabob has no spices yet it still has a flavor that you probably have not tasted before. Whether its for you or your kids, the Chicken Mali Boti will not disappoint. This dish also come with either a side of rice or our freshly made Tanddori Naan(bread).
Chicken Bihari 9.99
This Spicy Chicken Kabob consists of six to seven bonless pieces of chicken that are marinated in multiple spices to give it that authentic Pakistani taste. Each spice is carefully added so that just the right amount is portrayed in each dish.This Kabob is highly recommended for those who crave something spicy.Also this kabob is served either with the customers choice of Rice or Naan(bread).
Lamb Kabob 10.99
The lamb kabob consists of six to seven pieces of lamb. Cooked to perfection, this dish is one that can not be underestimated.Not only will it fill you up, but it will also leave a taste in your mouth that you will never forget.And this specific entree is either put over a bed of plain brown rice or Naan(bread) depending on the customers preference.
Mix Grill Platter 24.99,   26.99 (with 2 Lambs),   29.99  (with Kabli Rice)