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A Culinary Crossroads at Khyber Halal 
Comments By Laura Hahnefeld Thursday, Dec 6 2012 (
Khyber Halal Restaurant is a culinary crossroads of sorts — a blending of foods from Pakistan, Afghanistan, and India, where each nation's cuisine is as diverse as the restaurant's staff of family members. Here, flavorful bowls of rusty red chicken tikka masala and plates of rich goat biryani sit alongside such Afghani specialties as yogurt-topped eggplant and giant potato pancakes. If the adults are present, the restaurant's single TV will be tuned to the Arabic cable channel. If the 20-something sons are running the show, it's football.

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Khyber Halal Restaurant & Catering
By Comment Howard Seftel July 18, 2012 (source:
The restaurant's superb Afghani specialties put that beleaguered country on the culinary map. Try the crispy, potato-filled pancake called bolanee. Uzbak pulao, the national lamb-and-rice dish, is a standout. And the gorgeous meat dumplings - mantoo - are simply not to be missed.

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Khyber Halal Restaurant
By Comment friedchicken Fri April 06, 2012 (
Love this place. Three cuisines: Pakistani, Indian, Afghani. Family run-and I do mean "family" (kids, aunts, uncles). Have been there twice and would eat there every day if I could. Mantoo (Afghani). Superb. I lived in Turkey. Manti is the Turkish equivalent and it's one of my all time favorite dishes. Husband loves their lamb shank (can't recall which "country"). Slow service. Very sparse surroundings. Chef apologized for food taking so long (45 minutes) but he says he "cooks it all from scratch". They do big take out business so might be smarter to order over the phone and pick up than try to eat there. A gem.

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