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Goat Biryani 9.99
For all the rice lovers out there, this is the dish for you. Made up of rice and chunks of goat meat, this specific dish is coated with rice, salad and other ingredients. Also,the goat is intercooked as well as intermixed within the rice itself. But what makes this dish stand out are the vibrant colors that are displayed within the dish.
Chicken Biryani 8.99
Veggie Biryani 7.99
Another Veggie dish here at Khyber Halal, the veggie biryani is Rice that is mixed with cooked Vegetables. While Cooking both are cooking the Veggies are intermixed within the rice itself. So if your looking for a rice dish with a ton of vegetables then the Veggie Biryani is for you.
Steamed Rice 2.49
Brown Rice 2.99
Kabli Rice 3.49
Lamb Shank 12.99