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Thomas S.
Phoenix, AZ

I am giving this place five starts because while it is not the most excellent afghan food I have had many of their dishes are delicious, and we really need more of these types of places here and phoenix, and what more?  Its just down the street from me!

There menu is very diverse covering everything from afghani to Indian to Pakistani and even American cuisine (mainly burgers and fries/ wraps)

Most important of all the owner and employees are very kind.  I do advise to order ahead of time if you are taking out, they can take a while to get out the dishes but when they do it is worth the wait.  

Thomas S.

imran a
Mountain View, CA

Mutton Karahi or Goat Curry was awesome and different. Not sure what it was exactly called.
Their Kebabs and Tikkas were delicious.
Nihari was good too.
Chicken Tikka Masala was a little too salty.

A great joint offering a variety of food. Clean and family friendly. A must eat Halal option in Phoenix, AZ.


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To read more review visit www.yelp.com/biz/khyber-halal-phoenix

BarbnSharon H.
Tempe, AZ

Headed here during lunch with four friends with really good Taste. Two had been here before so we let them order everything.
Ambiance..not much, but its clean and bright.
Service...family-run. Friendly.
What we ate...
Mantoo....amazing little beef and onion filled dumplings covered in yogurt sauce, a spicy orange sauce and dried mint. Addictive. Fabulous. Dream of them now.....
Chicken boti....bright orange., looks like a kebab, served with rice and cucumber salad. A nice safe dish.
Chicken kahari....a curry type dish. Meat was moist and sauce was flavorful.
Goat korma....the hit of the day, well, beside the mantoo. Rich, succulent. Like the bestpot roast yyou've ever had but better.
We also had a bread type dish...looked li,e a pizza with no cheese or sauce. Had a bit of a vinegar taste.

Headed back next week to eat more....

Stacy M
Phoenix, AZ

This palce is awesome. Enjoyed it more then i have in the past. You need to try this spot for some quick casual eats, They now have a blog soit where you can read all the descriptions of the food. I foregt what I order bu it comes on a huge mound of brown jasmine rice and the most fkavorful shisk kebab like chicken. I am a huge fan and it' right in my hood.